How to contact your TD

  • Do some research on the politician you are contacting and find out their position if possible.
  • In all communications let them know you are a constituent – include your address in emails.
  • You can have the most influence on politicians by meeting them face to face. Next is a phone call and then a letter/email.
  • You can book an appointment through their office or attend their clinics – usually Mondays and Fridays when the Dáil is not in session.

Talking to your politician

Pro Repeal Politician

  • Start with a positive
  • Although they may not support free, safe, legal abortion find common ground and the areas where you do agree
  • Encourage them to talk to their party colleagues who are undecided or against repeal
  • Share reasons you support repeal and free, safe and legal abortion
  • Give them additional information such as the impact the 8th has on maternity services

Anti Repeal Politician

  • Give your personal experience of living with the impact of the 8th
  • Number of women who have travelled (from Galway in 2016 – 133)- these include their constituents who have been forced to travel
  • That they can be Catholic but still support a woman or pregnant person’s choice – Catholics for Choice
  • That they can be against repeal but still support a referendum in the interest of democracy as no-one directly impacted by the 8th has had an opportunity to vote on it

Undeclared Politician

  • Refer to the recommendations from the Citizens Assembly and Oireachtas Committee – when they were given the facts both supported repel, unrestricted access and decriminalisation of abortion.
  • That it is an issue of healthcare and every day women in Ireland are denied access to healthcare.
  • Explain how the 8th effects you.
  • They are our representatives and should represent our views – majority of people want change – refer to opinion polls ex. Only 10% of people want status quo
  • Their constituents want repeal and politicians will lose votes if they do not support it

Contact details for Galway TDs

Galway West

  • Catherine Connolly (IND): 0879600364,
  • Éamon Ó Cuív (FF): 091562846,
  • Hildegarde Naughton (FG): 0864019325,
  • Noel Grealish (IND): 091764807,
  • Seán Kyne (FG): 0876137372,

Galway East

  • Anne Rabbitte (FF): 0872424704,
  • Ciarán Cannon (FG): 091880790,
  • Seán Canney (IND): 09355367,

Roscommon Galway

  • Denis Naughten (IND): 0906627557,
  • Eugene Murphy (FF): 0862507590,
  • Michael Fitzmaurice (IND): 0861914565,