Woman Dies in UCHG After Being Refused Life-Saving Abortion

Did you know that a 31-year-old woman recently died in University College Hospital, Galway after being refused an abortion, even though doctors had already determined that there was no chance of the foetus surviving?

Last year, 4149 Irish women were forced to travel to the UK to obtain an abortion, undergoing added financial and psychological strain, as well as increased medical risk, because they could not obtain an abortion in Ireland.

A recent Sunday Times poll showed that 80% of the Irish population are in favour of legal abortion where the woman’s life is at risk.

Since the 1992 X Case, where a 14-year-old rape victim was obstructed from obtaining an abortion, successive Irish governments have failed to introduce legislation dealing with such cases.

The current government is no different – Minister James Reilly promised to publish a report on the matter by the end of June this year. It has yet to be published.

Demand action to finally provide access to safe and legal abortion for Irish women!

Galway Pro Choice

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