Protest at Colm Keaveney’s Office in Tuam

Galway Pro-Choice would like to clarify that we did not arrange a formal meeting with Colm Keaveney for today Saturday July 6th. This was in part because the last time we were in direct contact with him he was rude and hung up on one of our member.

We decided that a sit down and conversation was going to achieve very little; Keaveney has already voted against the legislation and has made his views on this issue clear. We have sent him several postcards and letters outlining our position on this legislation; he has had every opportunity to take it into consideration. We hoped that going to his office as a group and staging a protest would perhaps highlight the issue of his vote against life-saving legislation for women.

On his Facebook page he wrote:

“I will be seeking the agreement of one of the organisations that I am meeting with to see if I can reschedule their meeting or to leave early in order to accommodate Galway Pro-Choice and to meet with them to discuss their views.”

Mr Keaveney is the one who said that he would meet us. We arrived there, we had a megaphone – he heard us and didn’t bother coming out. Our event was covered by local and national media. We succeeded in giving a voice to the many angry people of Galway and delivered signed letters on their behalf. We would have liked to present them directly to Mr Keaveney, however it was his choice to meet us if he wished and he decided not to do so.

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