Colm Keaveney: Putting Votes over Women’s Lives

Due to his known opposition to accessible X-Case legislation, Galway Pro-Choice will be holding a protest outside the office of Galway East TD Colm Keaveney in Tuam on Saturday 6 July at 2:30pm.

The protest will be followed by a pro-choice public meeting in the town’s Corralea Court Hotel at 3.30pm.While there are certainly many flaws with the legislation in its current form, Mr Keaveney opposes it for all the wrong reasons. He objects to the “suicide clause” in the Bill. Yet two referendums and countless opinion polls have shown that the vast majority of Irish people support its inclusion. This position shows a callous disregard for those few women who become suicidal when denied access to abortion; such as the 14 year old rape victim Miss X.

Ciara Dalstra of Galway Pro-Choice said:

“As a Tuam town councillor, Deputy Keaveney told anti-abortion colleague Martin Ward that abortion was ‘the last resort for women and every aspect of a woman’s decision should be looked at and taken into consideration’. He also stated that extreme anti-abortion literature was ‘sickening and offensive’. Yet now he is the darling of extremists in Youth Defence due to his opposition to even this inadequate legislation. He has claimed that his objection is due to a lack of term limits, but has consistently refused to state after what point in a pregnancy a woman’s life should not be saved. If his about-turn on abortion is an attempt to make his life easier in a rural constituency at his next election, I can assure him that I and many of his other constituents will not forget his shameful disregard for the health of women if he continues to oppose meaningful X-Case legislation.”

Sarah McCarthy of Galway Pro-Choice said:

“Most striking is Keaveney’s resounding silence on the features of the Bill which will genuinely endanger women. He seems unconcerned that women who have an illegal abortion could face a 14 year prison sentence as a result. This will affect the most vulnerable women; mostly the thousands who order abortion pills online and take them without medical supervision. This will have potentially devastating consequences as women will be afraid to seek the medical care they require.”

Rachel Donnelly of Galway Pro-Choice said:

“Those travelling from Galway City are invited to assemble at Eyre Square at 12:45pm where we will take Burke’s bus together; GPC will be able to reimburse half of the €10 fare for those who cannot otherwise afford to travel. A change in Ireland’s abortion law will only occur if everyone who cares about women’s safety and autonomy stands up and is counted; so don’t hesitate to join pro-choice activists from all over Co. Galway on July 6 to make your voice heard.”

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