8th Amendment Demo

Galway Pro-Choice would like to thank everyone that came out today and made our demonstration such a success. For anyone unable to make it, there was a moving street action showing women as prisoners of the 8th Amendment guarded and kept in line by the ‘Irish State’. We had Dr. Sophie Faherty, a local G.P and member of Doctors for Choice address the crowd and our own Sarah McCarthy who addressed the tragic circumstances which have led us here, again, on the streets calling for a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment. Due to such a massive turnout, we also decided to march through the city. It was a fantastically loud show of solidarity, not only to the young woman at the centre of the most recent horrific case, but to every woman in Ireland that has been forced to leave the country to access an abortion and those who risk 14 years in prison for importing pills to have an illegal abortion here.

We have never been able to vote to allow abortions in this country – only to restrict our ban further.  The youngest person that could have voted on the 8th Amendment would now be 49 years of age. This means that the women in Ireland today that are of child-bearing age, directly affected by the 8th Amendment have not had a chance to have their say on it.

Politicians have said there will not be a referendum in the lifetime of the current government.  Why not? How many more tragic cases have to happen before they let us vote on this issue? Write to your politicians and demand your vote! You can contact your local T.D through whoismytd.com  and you will find the petition to repeal the 8th Amendment at repealthe8th.ie.

Demonstrations were held today in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Derry, Belfast, London, Berlin, Warsaw and as far afield as Auckland.

The message is clear.  This issue is far from over.

Next Tuesday 26th August at 6pm, we will be having our next organisational meeting in the side room of Monroe’s on Upper Dominick St. All those who want to help the campaign are welcome to come along and get involved in making this happen. Hope to see you there J