Galway Pro-Choice Submission to the Joint Committee on Health and Children.

On Wednesday May 8th Galway Pro-Choice made a submission to the Joint Committee on Health & Children concerning the Protection of Life During Pregnancy (Heads of) Bill 2013.

Galway Pro-Choice believes that the proposed legislation will not adequately protect women’s right to life and health, or to terminate a pregnancy if their life is at risk.

The draft Bill does not provide the clarity that so many had hoped for. It still leaves many important issues either vague or unaddressed.

The exclusion of any consideration in this Bill for victims of rape or incest is shameful . The X-case was that of a 14 year old girl who was pregnant as a result of rape. This legislation will leave women in similar circumstances neglected. The fact that this Bill can appear without mentioning either rape or incest is utterly incredible.

These were our main recommendations:

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