Galway Pro-Choice (GPC) is a campaign group which stands for full reproductive freedom and justice for all people in Ireland. We advocate that it should be every pregnant person’s right to make the decision of abortion, adoption or parenting for themselves. Thus we call for access to free, safe and legal abortion for all through the public health service within Ireland. Further, we demand that proper state supports be enacted so that all people who wish to can freely choose parenting. GPC also believes that all people should be empowered to make informed reproductive choices. Thus we call for free and accessible contraception for all without restrictions. We further call for mandatory informative and accurate sex education from an early age. We argue that within Irish culture, law, policy and practice, women in Ireland are currently treated as second class citizens. In particular, the current prohibition of abortion allows the infringement of a person’s human rights, including those to health, privacy, bodily autonomy and self-determination, simply because they are pregnant. We seek to challenge this patriarchal status quo. We are a non-hierarchical and consensus-based group.